Grace E. Simons founded  The Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park. As one of the founders of the committee,Simons spent the
last twenty years of her life devoted to preserving Elysian Park.  It is in her honor that the Grace E. Simons Lodge was created, it
sits nestled in Elysian Park  and continues to raise funds to support the preservation of the park. Every time an event is held at the
Lodge, a contribution is made to the continual preservation of our parks.  Be part of history and consider holding your Event here.
The Grace E. Simons Lodge is rich in history and is a beautiful location nestled in the breathtaking Elysian Park, to locals the Lodge
is well known with a history that speaks of the needs of it's community. Is a surrounded by gorgeous and luxurious landscaping. A
small brook  cascades down a hill and feeds the lovely pond outside the lodge and a beautiful garden with a drawbridge .  It is a
wonderful venue to host a wedding reception, outdoor ceremony or any special occasion event.  
About The Grace E. Simons Lodge